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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Plumbing in Las Vegas

What is a commercial plumber?

A commercial plumber is ideally suited for work on large boilers, site sewer lines, lift stations, and plumbing used by industrial equipment.

How much does commercial plumbing cost?

A commercial plumber charges $85 per hour on average, and then in 15-minute increments after the first hour while residential plumbers average about $70 per hour. Commercial plumbers are required to adhere to strict building codes, and they likely will not take on any residential work.

source: homeguide.com

How do you calculate rough plumbing?

Rough-in plumbing for new construction costs $8,000 to $12,000, or about or about $4.50 per square foot for an average 2,000 square foot home with 2 or 3 bathrooms. Repiping an existing home the same size runs $3,100 to $5,500, or $0.40 to $2.00 per linear foot.

source: homeguide.com

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Plumber in Las Vegas

If you are the owner / manager of a commercial property, it is essential to ensure that you get a reliable plumbing agency. Plumbing issues, such as leaks, might lead to big water damages to your commercial building and make you land up with costly repairs. You might end up losing business time as well as revenues in case you have to close down for repairs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best professional to handle your commercial plumbing needs.

Look for plumbing maintenance service contracts

Many esteemed companies tend to offer yearly plumbing maintenance service contracts. These let plumbers spot various issues before they snowball into bigger and often costlier issues. With a service contract, plumbers can offer suggestions or guidance to keep your plumbing fixtures running all through the year. It is always better to take prevention than action.

Find one that offers 24-hour emergency services

Keep in mind that problems with plumbing can arise at any time. It is never easy to deal with such issues - whether they arise at night or during the daytime. As the owner of a commercial property, you have to look for an agency that can quickly repair these issues. Where plumbing is concerned, the longer a problem is allowed to go on, the more extensive the damages are. Keep looking for an agency that extends emergency services. With a 24-hour emergency plumbing service provider, you can always quickly avail the care that you require whenever a problem or leak happens.

Look for proximity in location

Ensure that the plumber’s office is located close to your establishment, so that you can get easy and fast access. That way, you can expect faster services during an emergency. The faster the plumbing servicemen attend to your problems the better there can be containment of damages and the better the impression of your staffs and customers will be. It can also give you more peace of mind to know that help will easily be at hand when you face any plumbing emergencies.

Go through recommendations and testimonials

With good plumbing agencies that are trusted more by customers, you can expect much better services. Check whether the plumber is able to give you good references from prior customers, and is able to show testimonials from prior client. The best agencies proudly display the positive comments from past customers, which show the kind of feedback that they enjoy. This shows the kind of feedback that they enjoy from clients, which can obviously be reassuring for you.

Check whether the latest equipments are used

Reliable plumbers always use new, updated equipment to provide their customers with satisfying services. It is of great significance when you have to dry up your property. The equipment used by the plumber should be capable of drying your premises as quickly as possible, which can prevent your property and documents from being damaged by leaking water.

Check how the prices are calculated?

A few plumbers tend to charge per job, and have a flat-rate pricing. Others tend to have an hourly labor charge and charge for parts or components. When you understand how the cost calculation is done, you can compare the other quotes more easily. While it should always be in your interests to get a cheaper plumber, keep in mind that you cannot always get good services with plumbing contractors that have the cheapest estimate. Some plumbers also introduce a clause in their contracts that state that the commercial property owner will be responsible for bearing any reasonable expenses for the project completion. You should, thus, read the fine print with a lot of care.


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